Risk Management

Most of the people associate Risk management with Insurance. Layman definition of Risk is chances Loss in Capital Value. Along with loss in capital value, we also see volatility in the market as risk while investing. In Financial Planning we try to look at risk at various stages of life. Traditionally there are three stages of Financial Planning.

1. Wealth Creation
2. Wealth Protection
3. Wealth Distribution

Wealth creation is a stage where one will have to take calculated risk to generate return. Along with Wealth creation one will have to focus on wealth protection. In wealth protection we try and manage risk for the client by doing insurance planning to ensure continuality of income in case of any unforeseen event.

Wealth Distribution or Retirement Planning is where managing investment risk becomes critical. We try and manage this risk by using proprietary Asset Allocation Models to even out volatility of market. Our constant endeavor with client is to ensure smooth transition from various stages of life.