Established in 2001 by Mr. Vinod Jain, Jain Privy Client (formerly known as Jain Investment Planner) offers financial services to over 10,000 clients that are served by our 66 Associate Partners. Together, these partners service assets worth Rs.2300 Crores. Nine years after establishing Jain Investment Planner, we formed Jain Investment Advisory to offer complementary and customized solutions to our existing clients. In 2010, we started offering Portfolio Management Services (PMS). After delivering a stellar track record for five years in PMS, in 2014 we launched our offshore fund christened as Assetica India Fund. In 2017, as the markets and our clients’ goals became increasingly complex, we carved out more specialized firms to cater to clients’ requirements beyond just investments.

Professional Individuals:
Whether you are someone who has just started their career or are changing professions, planning to buy your dream home or fund your new found start-up, we can help you achieve your dreams. Besides advising on the best third-party products, our strong research capabilities and sophisticated tech support allow us to manage investors’ portfolio in-house, with our team of expert CFAs, CFPs, CAs and MBAs.

High Net worth Investors:
We cater to a diverse client base, managing ticket size ranging from Rs. 5 crore to Rs. 25 crore through our bespoke advisory solutions. Our capabilities and research enable us to produce a total diversification in our holdings across sectors and sub sectors. Our offshore Equity Fund enables international investors to participate in Indian equities. We stand by you to meet your goals, whether you are setting up your business, expanding it internationally or restructuring your enterprise.

Jain Info-X:
Jain Investment has its in-house technology firm called Jain Info-X. It is our highly integral counterpart which has been instrumental in enriching client experience. The subsidiary delivers innovative technological support to our day-to-day functions, which has successfully enabled us to deliver transparency, expedite processes, simplify correspondence and adopt sustainable practices.

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Since: 2001. Current Validity : 05-May-2027.

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