India is home to 2.45 lakh millionaires. Among them are many industrialists and new age entrepreneurs. At Jain Investment, we are set out on a mission to make you a millionaire too. Given Indian’s affinity for real estate and gold, championing mutual funds was tough when we started our practice in 2001. But we held on to our conviction and the numbers speak for themselves. Many of our clients who have been investing with us since the past 15 years have become millionaires and we are extremely pleased to see that. How? We believe in the power of systematic investment plans (SIP) which instils the habit of regular saving. This simple method of investing creates a power of compounding which multiplies your wealth. Today, we have over 10,000 active client SIPs, which has earned us the badge of ‘SIP Kings’ in the individual financial advisor community in India. Our practice has grown purely on the basis on referrals from existing clients and we never advertise or market ourselves. Our clients are our brand ambassadors. Jain Investment has come to be regarded as the advisory powerhouse in India, managing more than Rs 1400 crore worth assets in mutual funds as on July 2021. The numerous industry awards bestowed upon us is testament of our outstanding contribution towards making mutual funds popular among the masses. We believe in technology as an enabler. Jain Investment has its in-house technology firm called Jain Info-X which helps us automate majority of processes to enhance client experience.

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