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Many a times, we hamper our own progress towards our passions and indulge in the ‘Rat race’. Instead of jettisoning work pressures, most people eliminate their need of comfortable provisions, make unfavourable decisions, stop following their dreams and are unable to spend quality time with their loved ones. Financially independent people can be highly virtuous and have deep insights about their areas of interest, are able to take up high rewarding opportunities and can utilise their time better than those trapped into working in monotonous 9 to 5 jobs.
We have set out to make you financially independent for life.

Real life investing experiences of our clients

Financial Independence – A single mother who secured her family’s life.

Jain Investment Advisors Pvt.Ltd. - Portfolio Management Services

The Jain Investment Advisors Portfolio Management Services (PMS) are multi-disciplinary funds focused on Indian equity markets and structured to suit the needs of both individual and high net-worth investors. A team of highly experienced managers from the Strategic Risk Group manage the fund. Our clients are the heart of our business and hence we provide them a truly personalized service experience.

Assetica - Our offshore Strategy!

A long term buy and hold strategy, focusing on generating Alpha and capturing Secular growth by holding industry leaders’ stock for a holding period in excess of 3 years. The fund follows a robust approach of dispersing funds across various market sectors and indices. Our focus stays on innovation pipeline, distribution reach, bottom-line numbers and company’s management quality at all times.

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