We cater to a diverse client base, managing ticket size ranging from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 25 crore through our bespoke advisory solutions. So, whether you are changing careers, setting up your business, planning to buy your dream home or someone who have just started their career, we can help you achieve your goals.

Our offerings

Besides advising on the best third-party products, our strong research capabilities allow us to manage investors portfolio in-house through our Portfolio Management Service (PMS) licensed by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). As on February 2017, we manage 500+ clients in our three PMS funds which have a stellar track record. Building on our robust research strength, we launched an offshore fund called Assetica India Equity Fund domiciled in Singapore in 2014. This fund allows foreign investors to participate in Indian equities.

Real life investing experiences of our clients

Financial Independence – A single mother who secured her family’s life.

Jain Investment Advisors Pvt.Ltd. - Portfolio Management Services

The Jain Investment Advisors Portfolio Management Services (PMS) are multi-disciplinary funds focused on Indian equity markets and structured to suit the needs of both individual and high net-worth investors. A team of highly experienced managers from the Strategic Risk Group manage the fund. Our clients are the heart of our business and hence we provide them a truly personalized service experience.

Assetica - Our offshore Strategy!

A long term buy and hold strategy, focussing on generating Alpha and capturing Secular growth by holding Industry leaders through a holding period in excess of 3 years. Our capabilities and research enables to produce a total diversification in our holdings across sectors and sub sectors. Focus stays on innovation pipeline, distribution reach, bottom-line numbers and company’s management quality at all times.

Wealth Architecture - Jain Privy Client Pvt. Ltd.


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